Since its foundation in 2003 QuaWater has been delivering products and projects that significantly improve the quality of people’s drinking water. Absolute focus on quality and customer satisfaction has been key to QuaWater’s progress.

QuaWater is run by a team of dedicated people with backgrounds in science, water analysis, medical practice, business, engineering, and design. Our head office is located in Pretoria and we have regional representations in Kenya, Mozambique and South Sudan.

About Us


QuaWater’s products are based on proven technologies with strong scientific backing. A combination of experience in delivering successful village projects and producing high quality consumer products allows us to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions in both markets. Since our foundation we have built on our strengths and have grown considerably. With established political and business networks throughout Africa, and close affiliation with state of the art manufacturing facilities and world-renowned water analysis laboratory, we aim to build on our strengths and expand our activities.

Our mission is:
To be an internationally recognised and trusted provider of effective water treatment solutions in residential, commercial and village markets throughout Africa.


QuaWater’s core business is water treatment, and we maintain that good quality water does not come for free. We believe that dignity will make people feel proud of being able to pay for water and support themselves and their families. Therefore we aim to offer water – at a quality that is fit for purpose – at fair prices. We take responsibility for what we do, and encourage users to take their own responsibility.

Our vision is:
To deliver healthy drinking water at fair prices, encouraging users to ensure themselves of the quality of this most vital necessity of life.


There are certain values that define the way we work at QuaWater. We believe these values are important to us as a company and a as a group of individuals.



Corporate responsibility

At QuaWater we believe that in modern day business development profitability and responsibility go hand-in-hand. Our policy of responsibility is based on three principles: people, planet and profit.