Since its foundation in 2003 QuaWater has been delivering products and projects that significantly improve the quality of people’s drinking water. Absolute focus on quality and customer satisfaction has been key to QuaWater’s progress.

QuaWater is run by a team of dedicated people with backgrounds in science, water analysis, medical practice, business, engineering, and design. Our head office is located in Pretoria and we have regional representations in Kenya, Mozambique and South Sudan.



Quality is fundamental to everything we do at QuaWater.

Quality is discerning. The word comes from the Latin qualis, which translates to like this, not like that. It means to be in accordance with what we mean and say, in line with our set standard. Quality therefore means delivering what you promise. It compels making precious and durable products that achieve the highest level of performance – meeting requirements and even exceeding expectations. Quality also means providing agreed service, making life more predictable for our customers and partners. For us quality begins and ends with ambition, the desire to excel, and then excel again.


Delivering quality at high cost is easy. Our challenge lies in creating value; providing quality at affordable and fair prices, both at purchase and in operation.

At QuaWater we want to operate with a clear conscience. Our motivation is to do something worthwhile and sensible for people around us, while earning our share. It is a give-and-take situation, called reciprocity, or fairness on display. Business thrives on a basis of trust. Our products and services are reliable, so families and individuals can place their trust in them. It is our moral responsibility to maintain this trust – to be fair and consistent.


Good health is a powerful, priceless thing. Taking care of your own health, and the health of those around you, is an absolute must for families to be strong and happy.

At QuaWater we understand the importance of being safe and independent – especially for women and children. Providing healthy drinking water is our way to assist people in making them more confident to live and manage their lives the way they choose.


Finding solutions to life’s problems isn’t always easy. It doesn’t have to be – we like the challenge and the hard work! Novel technologies are being developed every day and we are always looking for new ways of meeting and managing real needs. Being creative means always being aware of what’s happening around you today, to know what has been created in the past, and to shape what will be in the future. It’s an ambitious way of working, but it’s lots of fun!

The world is always moving, we are all constantly changing, but the reward remains the same for everyone: Real happiness flows from fulfilling your challenge and thus being confirmed by your achievement.


At QuaWater we believe that in modern day business development profitability and responsibility go hand-in-hand. We all share this planet, and the choices that we make today will affect our children’s lives for many years to come. In order to ensure a safe and sound future for our children we must conduct responsible business. We at QuaWater take responsibility for our impacts on society and the environment.

Our policy of responsibility is based on three principles: people, planet and profit.