QuaWater's products are based on proven technologies with strong scientific backing. A combination of experience in delivering successful village projects and producing high quality consumer products allows us to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions in both markets. Our commitment to value, fairness and creativity delivers products that are durable, reliable and fulfill the end-users' needs.

Water treatment is our core business, and emphasis has been placed on drinking water because of its direct relationship with health. Through our wide range of expertise we are capable of developing solutions that span across these areas.

Other systems

Every water supply is different from the next, and therefore every water problem requires a different solution. Many common water issues can be solved by the use of standard products, but some require a custom approach.

Proper analysis of water quality and the distribution system is always the best starting point for any intervention. We work closely with an internationally renowned water analysis laboratory that can tell us exactly what is wrong with the water. By investigating the particular situation we find out how much water is used, what it is used for, and what the cause of the problem is. With this information we can design a suitable solution that meets the particular needs.

We have a wide range of experience in developing water treatment systems using various technologies, including sand filtration, diatomaceous earth filtration, flocculation, chlorination, UV disinfection and many more. We have the knowledge and expertise to deal with drinking water, commercial and industrial processes, bottled water, irrigation, wastewater or any other application.

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QuaWater Village Solution

We believe safe and affordable drinking water for schools in rural areas in Africa can be achieved. Find out more about how our School Solution contributes to safe drinking water and better health!


AquaDoc TM UV

The QuaWater AquaDocTM UV provides you and your family with the peace of mind that the water you are using is safe and of good quality.