QuaWater's products are based on proven technologies with strong scientific backing. A combination of experience in delivering successful village projects and producing high quality consumer products allows us to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions in both markets. Our commitment to value, fairness and creativity delivers products that are durable, reliable and fulfill the end-users' needs.

Water treatment is our core business, and emphasis has been placed on drinking water because of its direct relationship with health. Through our wide range of expertise we are capable of developing solutions that span across these areas.

AquaDoc UV

The AquaDoc UV is a complete water purification device using activated carbon, pre-filtration and UV disinfection. It is the most reliable and easy to use system for family homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and guest houses.

The AquaDoc UV is a once-in-a-lifetime investment. Only the highest quality materials and components are used, and it is built to last. The system is designed to be easy to use and maintain, and to be completely safe. It can be installed anywhere piped water and electrical power are available. The device can produce water at up to 6 litres per minute and functions well even with low tap pressure.
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Health benefits

  • UV light is safe and effective; it does not add any chemicals to the water or create harmful by-products.
  • Healthy minerals and electrolytes remain in the water.
  • The AquaDoc UV kills bacteria, viruses and even the chlorine-resistant parasites Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • The high-quality carbon block pre-filter improves the taste and odour of your water and even removes various dangerous chemicals that sometimes occur in contaminated water.

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Technical specification:

Maximum flow rate:
6 litres/minute
Electrical supply:
Lamp housing
Food-grade stainless steel
UV lamp:
21W special cell lamp
nominal 5µm activated carbon block
Overall dimensions:
500 by 250 by 145mm
¾” brass BSP thread
½” brass BSP thread


Design features

  • The complete system provides you with the peace of mind that your drinking water is safe and of good quality.
  • Single-end UV lamp with integrated quartz sleeve provides maximum performance and simple maintenance.
  • The patented lamp locking mechanism prevents you from being exposed to UV radiation.
  • Fully electronic lamp ballast maximizes lamp life and is very energy-efficient.
  • Double-sided inlet connections allow for easy installation.
  • Outlet connection at front allows for direct tap connection.


UV technology

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection works by passing high-intensity UV radiation through water. UV radiation destroys microbes by inactivating their genetic materials (RNA or DNA).


Water treatment

Numerous techniques, processes and products are available for treating water. All these systems use combinations of technologies and processes that are suitable for the type of raw water that is being treated.