QuaWater's products are based on proven technologies with strong scientific backing. A combination of experience in delivering successful village projects and producing high quality consumer products allows us to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions in both markets. Our commitment to value, fairness and creativity delivers products that are durable, reliable and fulfill the end-users' needs.

Water treatment is our core business, and emphasis has been placed on drinking water because of its direct relationship with health. Through our wide range of expertise we are capable of developing solutions that span across these areas.

Replacement lamps and cartridges

The UV cell lamps used in the AquaDoc UV are especially designed to deliver a powerful dose of UV radiation. They have an extra long life span of approximately 18 months. After this time the output of the lamp is not sufficient anymore to produce safe drinking water. To make sure you are always drinking safe water, you must replace the lamp with a new one at least every 18 months! Replacement lamps can be ordered directly from QuaWater.

Order replacement lamps for your AquaDoc UV now.

The filter cartridges used in the AquaDoc UV are high-end products often used in industrial applications. They are made of melt-blown polypropylene and bituminous activated carbon block. The life span of the cartridge depends on the quality of your water. We recommend you replace them at least every 3 to 4 months. After this time the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon is used up and the filter will not do its job properly any more. If your water contains more suspended solids than usual you will have to replace the filter cartridge more often. The clear plastic filter housing allows you to see for yourself how much dirt the filter removes from your water.

Order replacement filter cartridges for your AquaDoc UV.

If required we are also able to offer filter cartridges with different materials, smaller nominal ratings or absolute ratings. If you have particular (medical) requirements, or your water is highly polluted, please let us know and we can investigate special solutions to meet your needs.

QuaWater Village Solution

We believe safe and affordable drinking water for rural populations in Africa can be achieved. Find out more about how our Village Solution contributes to safe drinking water and better health!


AquaDoc TM UV

The QuaWater AquaDocTM UV provides you and your family with the peace of mind that the water you are using is safe and of good quality.