QuaWater's products are based on proven technologies with strong scientific backing. A combination of experience in delivering successful village projects and producing high quality consumer products allows us to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions in both markets. Our commitment to value, fairness and creativity delivers products that are durable, reliable and fulfill the end-users' needs.

Water treatment is our core business, and emphasis has been placed on drinking water because of its direct relationship with health. Through our wide range of expertise we are capable of developing solutions that span across these areas.

Village Solution

The Village Solution is a stand-alone system for providing multi-purpose water treatment for small settlements and rural villages. It uses a combination of proven technologies to purify contaminated ground or surface water and supply safe drinking water for the people and for cattle. Depending on local needs other features, like utility water for washing or water for cattle and irrigation can be added. Where needed we look at possibilities and make suggestions for the protection of the water source.

One unit can serve up to 2000 persons with drinking and utility water. Comparing to other water supply systems however, the unit is already cost-effective for up to 500 people, and the system is easily expandable. It is suitable for remote areas, using available water sources such as rivers, dams, boreholes and wells.

The standard unit comes with two 5000-litre tanks and two 6-point tap stations. Furthermore it has all the equipment need for purifying water and the pipes to distribute it to tanks and use stations. It uses a petrol-driven pump and reliable clarification and disinfection technologies.

Benefits offered:

  • Stand-alone system
  • Safe drinking water provided as a permanent solution
  • Provisions can be made for utility water, water for animals and irrigation
  • Suitable for any place where surface or ground water is available
  • Short installation time: 2 to 6 weeks
  • Proven technologies
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Durable; all materials and parts used are long life
  • Economical; low investment costs and affordable running costs
  • Easily expandable when needing to serve bigger communities or incorporate other features

Local participation

QuaWater implements the Village Solution as turn key projects jointly with the local population and/ or local partners such as non-governmental organisations (NGO), community-based organisations (CBO), businesses and governments. The projects can be offered as public-private partnerships. QuaWater actively involves community members in decision making and management of the project. Often managers are appointed from the local population and trained for operating and maintaining the unit.

Best results are achieved when the supply of safe water is integrated with proper sanitation and personal hygiene. QuaWater supports the implementation of effective sanitations solutions and relevant education of local population.

Village Solution picture galleries

A number of QuaWater Village Solution projects have been completed in South Africa, Mozambique and South Sudan.



AquaDoc TM UV

The QuaWater AquaDocTM UV provides you and your family with the peace of mind that the water you are using is safe and of good quality.